Sunday, November 25, 2007

Speaking Down

This past week-end, I posted a comment on the Coeur d'Alene Press' blog. My purpose was to suggest that , unlike the column subject by Bob Paulus, The Spokesman-Review is far from dead. In those remarks, I at no time, as the Press attack dogs suggested, attacked Bob Paulus. I did, however, suggest that his premise was incorrect. I might have went just a little further, in suggesting that the Press, while a daily, still has a weekly mentality. I also suggested that I write more neighborhood news, than the entire Press staff. I went on to say that after two pages or so, of local news, mostly that of Coeur d'Alene and Post Falls, everything else comes from the Associated Press. I was accused of being overly proud of myself. Not so, although self assurance is not a sin.

I got no official notice, but, wow, you should have seen the insults come out. Lets see. I am a dishwasher in a bar. (Not a thing wrong with honest work) I'm a Freak. (undefined)

In an attempt to lay rumor to rest I am going to give you all an abbreviated biography. Licensed to sell real estate in the year 1969.

The boom market of 1977-1979 found me transferring from Real Estate Sales to the lending side.
As many of you know, the bottom fell out of the market in 1980. 1983. Back in the business again, this time with Seafirst Mortgage. That gig lasted until B of A took control, and they divested themselves of commissioned Loan Officers. Fall of1986. Founded, along with a partner, Westgate Mortgage Corp, as President and CEO. Spring of 1987, R/E market rates crashed again.

Jumping to 1990. I came back to Coeur d'Alene, a town I left in 1973. Probably before some of my detractors were born, or at least, off their Mom's breast. I wandered for a while, somewhat depressed at my business losses. I drove cab, and yes, occasionally washed dishes, wrote some commercial loans, and wandered up to Bayview, where I still reside.

I retired in 2000. One of the things that constantly ding those of us that are retired, and yes, forgotten, is that we are not quite ready for the rocking chair yet. Staying busy is staying alive. Most folks after 60 are not welcome in the very career fields that we thrived in. Nobody wants someone working for them that might take their job. My last attempt at that resulted in the excited employer telling me," that if everything is alright with my office manager, you are hired." I had thirty years in the industry. She had three. End of story.

I served as * Conductor/Entertainer on the Silverwood Train, cashiered at Wal*Mart. These are hobbies. Avocations, not to be confused with career moves. Retired people do many things to stay busy. I made world class potato salad at the Captain's Wheel Restaurant. not a bar, but a classy place to eat. Sure they have a bar. Name a good restaurant that has survived without serving liquor. When one retires, they tend toward their hobbies. Mine are varied. I'm a high hour private pilot, an amateur cook, a fisherman, and yes, a writer. None of these things are in any way disgraceful or demeaning. They are either physical or mental exercises that apparently not all that read me are familiar with.

To my detractors, I just say this. If you can attain my age, with my accomplishments, and with the friends that I have managed to make, you'll do alright. Remember the old adage:

"It only takes two hands to climb the ladder toward success. Many hands, however, of those that can't keep up, will attempt to pull you back down to their level of incompetence."

*At the insistence of Family Phil, I added the Silverwood gig.


Phil said...

You forgot your stint as "Captain Silverwood," best darn train conductor Silverwood's ever had!

green libertarian said...

Herb, you've had a fine life and a variety of careers, I'm proud to have made you acquaintance, even tho we disagree on many political matters, and I can't believe the jerks at the Mess came after you. Well, actually, I can believe it.

The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

It is nice to have a blog, don't you think? I have responded to Press letters on the blogs I run and have sometimes sent links to them to M. Patrick. I haven't checked out the Press comment sections of the blogs in quite a while. But, I also figure that the published letters being much the same, "trolls" rule. And Patrick dearly loves to cater to them.

raymond pert said...

I am filled with admiration every time your comments at HBO or posts on your blog tell about another bit of your resume. It's remarkable to see it all laid out here. You are living one hell of a life.

Anonymous said...

... so Herb out of curiousity just how old are you?


Bay Views said...

Well, my age is listed in my profile, but until March 23, I'm still 69.

Anonymous said...

You are just a young pup then, I thought you were ancient. LOL


Bay Views said...

Well, ancient is a relative term ...