Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Giving When It Hurts

Gift Tree - Bayview Mercantile

Every year around this time the drumbeat for donations is heard. This year is terribly different. It is different because of the increase in unemployment and a recessive economy. While many give when times are good, it is much harder when times are bad.

I remember a Christmas back many years ago where things were tough. We decided that all Christmas gifts would be used items. It turned out to be one of the most rewarding Christmases I've experienced. Everyone tried to use their imagination, instead of just swooshing down an aisle at Walmart.

For many, this will be the first time that hunger has become an issue in their entire lives. Perhaps for most. Please, give to your local food bank. I bet that there are thousands out there that leave this chore to others and have never helped out. You are the ones I'm talking to. If you have never faced meal time without anything to eat, nor a prospect that there will be anything, it's hard to imagine, but the pressure on food banks is going to be immense this year and I expect each and every one of you that can, to help out.

Here in Bayview, we have the ABC food bank, located at the Athol Community Center, which stands for Athol, Bayview and Careywood. Many of you will recall when druggies burglarized this food bank, carting off all of the gift cards and many gifts that were sitting out waiting to be distributed. What happened after that was a miracle, was people and companies lined up patiently to give and then give more.

Today we have a different challenge. One that involves hunger, instead of treachery. We need those that stepped up before, to do so again. Gift wise, the Bayview Mercantile has a small Christmas tree that is decorated with gift wishes. You are invited to take one of these wishes home with you, and return it with the gift meant for this child. We ask that you do so. Athol City Hall is accepting gifts as well as food donations for the food bank which is located in the community Center. Please help. Please don't let there be children waking up Christmas morning, crying from hunger and cold.

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Anonymous said...

What is really sad this year are the children asking for socks and boots or Mom and Dad getting a job.

Whatever you give will in someway make it back to you. If only the feeling of giving and possibly extending a helping hand.