Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It Ain't That I'm Lazy ...

It's been snowing for a freakin week with no end in sight. We started with 17 inches then just kept on keepin' on. Can't tell how much snow is on the ground now. One, I can't get out the door, two, if I walk out to get the paper, I'm a human snowplow. The wind came up two nights ago and all the snow on the trees and my roof, plus half the mountain behind me now resides in my way. The only way I go outside is if I suddenly grow a few inches so I can see where I'm going.

The other day I paid a young couple to shovel me out. He sent his wife. The wind knocked my snow shovel over wherever it was and it's now buried somewhere. May it rest in piece er' peace. That night the wind came up and buried me even deeper. I don't need a shovel anyway. Maybe an ark. I'm doing a bunch of cooking for the Christmas Eve and Christmas parties. Christmas Eve is a potluck at the Wheel, followed Christmas Day at Terry's Cafe.

I have no idea how I'm going to transport these goodies, but I'm hoping that if I open the door, someone will like the smell and bail me out. It would give me great pleasure to stuff this snow up the ass of all green freak global warming advocates. May your stockings hold coal, Christmas morning.

Addendum: Praise be to the spirit of Christmas. I'm about to be released from captivity. The beleaguered management of Scenic Bay Marina has been like the little Dutch boy with the finger in the dike, trying to save boat sheds and houseboats from sinking under the weight of snow with more to come. That they have been able to plow our meager little access road in the trailer park is nothing short of miraculous. Unfortunately, when Hans plows, he obliterates our parking areas. this makes it possible to navigate the roads if only we could get to them.

Arrives a white knight. Bob Prince, president -elect of the Chamber of commerce has offered his services in support of the community. But he's not the only one. Dave Vig, Phil Stephan, many others that we have been unable to identify have stepped up. It you are house bound, call me at 683-9107 and I will find you someone that will help. Isn't this town a great place to live?

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