Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reachin' Out

Today is the day. I finally get to use my car, after 10 days or so of being a pedestrian. You see, there are several things that have to come together for my way to be clear. First, The road district has to clear the road. Then the trailer park has to clear the internal road and the berm left by the road district. Then I wait for Phil Stephan with his bobcat. He sees my car, sitting lonely, covered with Idaho sunshine, parked at the 'Wheel.

He comes up and removes the berm left by the trailer park. Now I should be OK to motor on out of here. At least I will if the Road dept. hasn't bermed me in at the Wheel. There are just too many damn things that have to line up when the mother of all winters comes to town. Well, It's time. I'm walking down to the car, confident that I will either move it out, or declare myself sir crazy.

Shazam! I got out of town thanks to the help on several people and even got back OK. I'd hate to be above 300 feet with the wind blowing like it is, though. Got the groceries. spent too much. Business as usual, however there is one difference. I now have a supply of wine that, barring Armageddon, will last me through the next cold spell. New Years Eve. Will I or won't I. Chances are, now that I made it back to the nest, I won't be moving around tonite.

I do wish every one of my friends, both acquainted and through the blog as anonymous followers, the best of New Years. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those folks that don't know me and are still interested in what I have to say about Bayview, the economy and life in general. Comments are appreciated, as long as they are respectful and to the point. We that blog for the public are like newspaper reporters, insofar as we send information out but don't get any back. That is what the comment section is for. You can leave a remark as anonymous, or check the box that allows you to insert your own name or e-name. Anyone, of course, can use the e-mail address in my profile to communicate directly with me. Have a good one, and watch that economy. It's going to bite us in the ass.

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A tip of the glass and a Happy New Year, Herb...