Friday, December 12, 2008

White Christmas, and then some ...

It would appear that my smug notion that give the need for wearing a heavier coat here in North Idaho during the winter was all of the difference between here and Arizona was in error.This week-end is going to usher in the holiday season by bringing us 10 to 15 inches of snow, beginning Friday, today and continuing through Sunday. This, sez the weather bureau, will be followed by high winds, drifting snow and oh, did I forget? below zero temperatures. Not just wind chill, but actual temps as low in some areas as minus 15-17 degrees by Wednesday.

As I take a longing look back at Wellton, Arizona and Los Cajones, Mexico, and the accompanying 80 plus degree weather, I feel badly that my friends down there may have to don a sweater during the chill of an evening. Here, we are going to hunker down, get those last minute essentials. Beer, Wine and possibly some food.

Then we will gather around the scanner and play North Idaho's favorite winter sport....Actually, second favorite winter sport, both of course played indoors. This number two sport is listening during a blizzard, while rescues are taking place on Rathdrum Prairie during the occasional whiteout and roads drifted shut. The sound of a dispatcher saying... "when you get through with that slide off, we have 73 more waiting. Call when you are clear."

Merry Christmas to all. I'll post another as soon as I can find the street out front again.

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