Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Passing of Maggie Mae

It seems that just when I am preparing to write upbeat good things for Christmas, a whole string of bad things happen. first the boat fire, in which one passenger lost his life, then just as I was preparing to talk about all of the holiday cheer, the Saddle Up Grill in Athol burned down. Ah well, I'll certainly find something good to write about.

Huh-uh. Cleaning up after the big snow storm, out at the very tip of Cape Horn, was Don Faubian. Retired consultant to many African governments on various engineering projects, he died of an apparent heart attack trying to get his ATV unstuck. When He realized he couldn't get it out of the snowbank it was in, he walked all the way up the hill to his house, where he called a friend to help. By the time the friend arrived, Don had died.

Now comes an e-mail about Maggie Mae, the Athol Zebra some saw two years ago at the Athol Daze parade. It turns out that Lady, her companion horse had to be put down three weeks ago. Maggie Mae, the only Zebra ever to be used in mental therapy, died of colic. Her mistress and best friend believes that her death was from a broken heart.

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