Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Kinda Chilly Out!

I can't remember a severe arctic outbreak like this one for many years. Back in the 1969-70's era it wasn't too uncommon for an arctic outbreak to give us a week to ten days and sometimes a little longer of highs in the single digits and lows fifteen below zero. That hasn't happened for a long time. With many southerners moving into our area within the last ten to fifteen years, some surprises are in store for many.

Bitter cold is not the same as being uncomfortable and having to wear heavier clothing. It is life threatening. Frost bite and deaths from exposure await those that don't respect these conditions, along with ruined plumbing systems for many. Some hints to those that are not old timers with this sort of cold are: Drip all of your faucets and open all under sink cabinet doors for heat circulation. A little increase in your heat bill from dripping the hot water is nothing compared to replacing all of the plumbing in the house. If you live in a mobile home with central heating, use it. Those ducts follow the same path as your water pipes. Using your wood stove will not protect them.

For the enjoyment of our friends in Wellton and other Southern Arizona spas, the following is our weather forecast for Athol, Idaho. It may be slightly colder or warmer in some other close by areas.Today has an expected high of 13 with a low tonight of minus 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Temps through the 19th will range from 14 daytime and 5 to 6 at night. Temps will rise into the 20's starting Saturday, December 20, but with a price. With the rising temperatures comes snow which is predicted to fall each day through the 28th of December, that being the latest date on the long range forecast provided by Accuweather.

It's hunker down time here while we attempt to get used to weather more common in the Dakotas that Idaho. The predicted 12 to 15 inches of snow did not occur, as the cold ridge of high pressure beat the moist air from the pacific, forcing the storm to change tracks. Had they arrived at the same time, which was predicted, it would have went off like a "weather bomb," the term the weather guessers used.

Yes, global warming has kicked off with a bang. Hard to tell how cold it will get next year, what with global warming getting even worse. Hopefully, most of our neighbors here in the Bayview-Athol-Careywood area are safe and tucked in. Most around here are old veterans at this type of weather. For those that are not, it would be wise to consult a friend that is.

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