Saturday, December 20, 2008

When You're Buried, Stuff Happens

Our current weather situation has claimed at least one victim. Don Faubian,of Cape Horn in Bayview, friend to all, perished Thursday. He got his ATV stuck in the snow at the bottom of his hill. He walked back up to phone his friend for help. When his friend got there, he was gone. Snow storms bring out over exertion which, if you are out of shape can bring on heart attacks. Shoveling snow is one of the highest causes of death during stormy weather.

We are attempting to put together a list of snow plowers, but haven't managed to confirm yet. I'll act as an information central for a while. If you are trapped in your driveway, call me and I will attempt to get some help to you. This just applies to Bayview. 683-9107. Those of you that have snow removal equipment and would like to be of assistance to others, call me too. Another wintery blast is expected tonight through Sunday and possibly Monday, so be ready.


Anonymous said...

Jean and I remember Don from our Wheel days. Always interesting to talk to, a friendly, intelligent man. Sad to hear...Sorry everyone is going through horrible weather...we were there in '92 & '96 and remember how tough it was/is. Hope it gets better there...Jim and Jean

Bob Prince said...

Herb -
Please add me to the list of people that have a plow. I would prefer to only plow in the Cape Horn area since this where I live but I'll plow anywhere in Bayview.
My only request is that I do not want to be paid.
Bob Prince
659-3812 cell