Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Real Reagan Republican

Back in the 1960's I worked closely with Ronnie Reagan on his first election run in California. I knew his daughter, Maureen and her husband then, Dave Sills who is now an appellate judge in California. I moved back to Washington Sate in 1967 and thence to Idaho in 1990.

During those days as a Young Republican and living in Orange County, we had the same problems that we have here in North Idaho. Extremism. There and then, it was the John Birch Society. They had absolutely no room at all in their philosophical basement for the rest of the party and they were overwhelmingly tossed out of office during the 1966 election cycle.

Here we are faced with the opposite of Washington State. There, the liberals control almost everything, especially on the west side. In our state, it is the opposite with extremist republicans holding most of the offices.

Either extreme is unhealthy for the politics of any state. We got rid of Hart in the primary, but still have his hand chosen buddy,  Barbieri. This guy just announced that people should take their children out of public schools, referring to public schools as Godless. Well yes, they are godless, but not against god. They simply do not mix religion with secular education.

Many democrats are also Christian, if that is a test one must pass for candidacy, but suggesting everyone pull their children out of public schools while running for public office is a bit ironic to say the least. I have decided to break ranks in two district two races. Cheryl Stransky  will get my vote and a long time public servant, Dan English, who incidentally is pro-life, and way more qualified than Morse with his only claim to fame being his membership in the Kootenai County Reagan Republicans. I am also voting for the incumbents in the NIC election. These are non-partisan positions and should stay that way. I'm not impressed with various Republican organizations trying to change that status.

I have no desire for the state legislature in Idaho to revert to Democratic rule, but I want enough representation on that side to even things up a bit. Getting ride of Idealoges is my goal. I want thinking, problem solving people representing me, not knee jerk followers of the Constitutionalist God they follow.

In other races, I will vote to retain the Luna laws as they are referred to. Until they are completely enacted and absorbed into the system there is not reason to demonize them unless of course you are a union activist. We are in the 21st century. One of electronic miracles. Let's not be troglodytes and fail to include computers in our children's education. They spend most of their free time on them anyway, we might as well use them as an educational tool. Not to replace teachers, but to supplement them.

I will vote republican in all other races, including my hope that we can get rid of Obama before he ruins our economy past the point of no return. My other wish is that this campaign year be over, so we can begin to return to normal conversations with our friends that don't necessarily think like we do.

Please, no matter how you vote, turn out this November and vote your choices.


Dan English said...

Thank you Herb for your balanced view and willingness to pick who you think are the best people over straight partyline thinking.

Kerry_Costigan said...

Thanks for the post, Herb. We hope that everyone will take a close look at the candidates before marking the ballot this year. We've posted a link to this article on Cheryl's campaign Facebook page over here:

Adel said...

Thank you so much for the example you have set for us as voters. You have taken the time to research the best candidates without regard to party affiliation.

Adel said...

Thank you for the example you have set for us as voters. We all need to research the best person for the job despite party affiliation.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, raised in Canada, I agree with everything Herb has said and am voting along the same lines as him and for the same reasons.

As a conservative, I refuse to vote for someone just because they are running as a Republican. Barbieri really threw me off with his gold standards remark in addition to his Godless school remark.