Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Sports Spin

I'm a little weary of the talking heads and newspaper sportswriters blaming the Green Bay loss on a bad call. That isn't even close to the truth.

First, anytime a Hail Mary pass is thrown into the end zone in a football game, it's a group grope between potential receivers and potential interceptors. Seldom is there ever an interference call since most of the players involved have bumped each other.

The thing that got me going this morning is that even Norm Chad's column devoted itself to the same fiction. There were two reasons why this is a national issue. One, Green Bay is a highly respected program that was expected to bury the lowly team from flyover country. They didn't. That alone pissed everyone east of Missoula.

The other is the total ignoring of the fact that Green Bay scored a total of 13 points non of which came from an offensive touchdown. THIRTEEN POINTS! THEY LOST BECAUSE THEY COULDN'T SCORE, NORMAN AND THE REST OF YOU TALKING HEADS.  Get over it. They got beat because they didn't play well enough to win and the Seahawk defense smothered every effort.

There were probably several hundred poor calls made by the under qualified officials in the several games played during that period. In some cases, they undoubtedly made a difference in the outcome. Is anyone hearing an outcry from the horrible non call Monday night,on the obvious fumble the the real officials missed? No, and you won't. Had that end zone play been between Green Bay and the New York Giants, it would have been a non-event.

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