Thursday, October 25, 2012

Slim Dossey 1918-2012 R.I.P.

L-R James Adams and Slim Dossey
I have the sad duty tor report that long time country singer, Slim Dossey, died Tuesday, October 23 just a few days before his 94th birthday which would have been November 4. Slim is survived by his son Jim, his daughter Sharon and preceding him in death, daughter Barbara, plus gal pals two many to mention.

Slim was the top country singer back in the 40's in Seattle, performing along side of legendary Disc Jockey, Buck Ritchie. He was given some good advise from a friend who said, you are a big frog in a small country=Western pond here in Seattle. Go south to California  and get with some of the well known country bands of the day.

He got lucky. He no sooner reached San Diego when an opportunity jumped up for a spot in The Town Hall Party in Los Angeles. Smoky Rogers band, the Western Caravan was losing their principle singer, who was Ferlin Huskey, later, husband of Local Betty, here in Bayview. Slim was hired to take Ferlin's place in the band. Ferlin went to Nashville where he did quite well Slim went on to stardom singing with people like Gene Autry, the Sons of the Pioneers and many others. He also released several records of his own, mostly written by himself.

I met Slim when I walked into the old Scoonerville bar in Hayden back in around 1990. I got him several gigs including the old bar at Tobler's Marina on Hayden Lake, Turtles.t Later when I moved to Bayview, I introduced him to a whole hew batch of fans at the Captain's Wheel where he became a regular at every Christmas Party. His last appearance was outdoors where he joined in with a couple of singers and sang along with them.

In later years when his memory started to fail,, his son, Jim bought a karaoke machine so Dad could have the advantage of not having to remember the words to everything.

Slim has been in poor health, battling pneumonia since last fall. He even missed the Naval reunion at Farrague last fall, as he too served there and in the Pacific during World War 11.While many younger folks from this area didn't realize who he was or what his history was, many older people knew and loved his singing and awful jokes.  He finally rejoined a huge chorus of singers from the forties and fifties, when he crossed the burning sands one last time, looking for that cool clear water.

Jim Dossey has generously shared some DVD's where Slim as interviewed at length about his areer. I am starting work on an in depth story about his career, the people he worked with and the crowning experience when he was invited to speak at the Gene Autry Museum in Oklahoma, several years ago.

There will be no services. A celebration of life party will happen in the Spring. Jim will notify everyone through this blog as to the date, time and place.

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