Friday, October 05, 2012

Oktoberfish Friday

Hey folks, come on down to the Wheel this afternoon for a German dinner, auction and other activities along with a last chance to get derby tickets. All proceeds go to prizes. No house money taken out.

Ralph is going to try a new approach this year. Instead of a favorite lure, he's going to emulate professional sports figures. He gonna trash talk those fish.

Come down, quaff a few brewskis and kick off the derby for the week-end. I'll be down there taking pictures for the blog,so look scroungy like real fishermen and women.

The derby starts at dawn Saturday and ends 4:00 pm Sunday. Judging at 5:00 pm. The will be a huge amount of Mackinaw available that will be given away to the public. If you like fish and even better, if you know how to smoke fish, grab some. Everything ends at the Captain's Wheel, fishing headquarters for Bayview.

Above are some disreputable fish winners from 2009.

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