Thursday, October 11, 2012

Where Were The Marines?

The last week or two have seen many debates on television, in newspaper editorials and congressional hearings in which the administration first covered up that the attack on our Libya Embassy was not premeditated, but was over the anti- Muslim cartoon thing on You Tube.

Then they admitted is was an organized attack either by Al Qaeda or loyalists to the former dictator.

Now they are saying that while former security people claim protection was inadequate, that a few more wouldn't have made a difference. This from a state department that has some embassies around the world set up as impregnable forts. Hind sight isn't needed to figure out that this area is volatile, that there are many separate groups with weapons that were seized from government armories during the uprising.

What I want to know, is where were the Marines. For two hundred years we have had the U.S. Marines guarding our embassies around the world. These detachments have heavy weapons with which to repel attacks from infantry weapon carrying terrorists. Has the state department quietly replaced these troops with private security guards around the world? Of was it just in Libya.

This, in my mind is where the negligence lies. Could it be that the administration, which is more sensitive to muslem countries feelings than our own, felt marines would somehow offend the Libyans? Well, I'm offended that our diplomats were not adequately protected. I'm offended that the Marines were not assigned that job. Private security employees are for the most part not trained in combat tactics. Marines are. The administration and the state department lead by Hilary .Clinton especially, who during her husband's presidency was widely know to dislike the military to the extent of treated then extremely rudely at times.

Have we donated the ambassador's life to political expediency on the extreme left? Many of us would like these questions answered. Islam has declared war on the west and we are ignoring the fact that we are in one.

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