Monday, October 29, 2012

I Am Sad And Dismayed

While I enjoy Football and of course am following what could be described as the perfect storm, other than the weather channel, I can't find any thing else.

We have What I thought were at least two news channels that could be trusted to bring the news. Fox and CNN. I rejected the CSNBC news channel as a propaganda source long ago.

This weekend, aside from football, nothing is being dedicated toward the disaster that is shaping up in the east and even as far west as Indiana. The Sandy Hurricane apparently is merging as it lands onshore, with two other systems.

One, a severe Nor'easter, coming down from Canada, and a deep jet stream arrow pointing down from the arctic right straight through Indiana and into Northern Kentucky. All of these will merge in the next two days, while the news channels are busy with presidential campaigns.

Of course it is important to follow political events, but if anyone out there hasn't made up their minds they probably reside in an institution for the confused. Many lives are at stake as this monster combined storm will apparently involve 18 states and land areas as far west and south as below Indianapolis, Indiana.

Political direction will decide where we go for the next four years. The same, plus extensive news coverage will decide whether many live or die.

Having been in radio, print news and a blogger currently, I can't, as a trained news person justify the incessant debates  the talking heads of our broadcast media, not to mention the more respectable sources such as the neighborhood bars.

As of tomorrow, I'm heading out to the Wheel. First, I will e-mail my brother in Indianapolis, saying he and his neighbors are doomed if they don't chain down their lawn furniture.  Secondly, I will grieve for those imbeciles that couldn't imagine anything happening that hadn't already happened during their lifetimes.

I will pray for their sorry souls, for stupidity isn't curable. For those who were two poor, (Millions) to hop in a car they don't own, or a bus that has stopped running or a subway, etc.  Many people do not have the price of a tank of gas to flee far enough west to escape this combination of storms. They will be stuck in New York City and other Ghetto areas that actually has not  had a workable relocation system since civil defense began during the cold war.

Bottom line? You cannot evacuate a city or metropolitan area the size of New York City and New Jersey in lass than two weeks minimum. Those that stay are there because they have no other choice. God Bless them.I wish them hope.

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