Monday, October 08, 2012

Oktoberfish Winds Down

What started out scary, when at around 4:30 pm Saturday, not fish had been reported, turned out alright. Some fish were caught later Saturday and more  Sunday. Each year the winners keep on getting smaller, but we hear the Fish and Game Department is ending the bounty on Rainbow heads and just continuing with Mackinaw.

The netting and bounty program has done it's job, with Mac numbers way down and Kokanee, or Blue Backs as we call them locally, are thriving once more.The numbers are up, the sizes are up and it looks like a limited fishing season is in the offing for next year. More about that when we confirm it.

Now, about the winners of the derby:

Trout Division

First Place           Mike Perry             11.3
Second Place       Rick McCorkle     10.3
Third Place          Rory Bergere          9.8

Mackinaw combined weight:

Winner was Ken Olson                      31.3

Pictured above from left to right first through third place with the single picture of Mike Perry, holding his trophy fish. The traveling trophy has once more travelled. It has been re;ported that among the 103 entrants, enough beer was consumed to raise the stock market for major beer brands. None of course consumed by the drivers. One boat reported sighting a Mermaid. We think that might have been someone hallucinating. But who knows. Perhaps a new legend is born.

Co-sponsors for the derby are Ralph's Coffee House and the Captain's Wheel Restaurant.

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