Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Attitude Is Everything

I copied this from Tubob, of the blog, "Unbearable Bobness of Being." I don't usually do this, except that recently I was reminded that there are in fact Law Enforcement officers that act like Jack booted thugs, and they really need to be weeded out. We shouldn't have to deal with Sociopaths carrying guns. Until the general population rises up and demands that officers respect us, they are not likely to get respect in return. Here's Bob:

Well, of course not everyone a cop arrests or intervenes with is a "criminal" which by definition means they've been convicted of a crime. Many are innocent and there's the rub. Cops who view the public that they serve as their enemies who they need to open a can of trauma ass on before it happens to them are really no different than the thugs out there. Both see the community as their enemy and both see their role as to victimize the community before it victimizes them.

The thin blue line, in such an attitudinal crossfire, disappears quickly under the dirt.

We aren't their enemies. They are our servants. They hate to hear that. But it's the truth. They work for us and need to remember that.

Finally, cops who get PTSD have all kinds of professional resources to draw upon, including psychologists and medical and disability insurances. Citizens who get traumatized by cops have much much less to avail themselves of.

God forbid one of these POST rookies takes this small minded macho crotch thrusting to heart and abuses his/her trust and harms an innocent person. That is indefensible.

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