Thursday, December 06, 2007

Waterford Park Fixes Spawning Beds

In a letter received today, Waterford Park Homes, L.L.C. received a release from the cease and desist order issued last Spring. The message, received from the Idaho Department of Lands and endorsed by Idaho Fish & Game explained that since not only the mitigation of the area damaged by negligence was repaired, but also the adjoining areas that were trashed by years of debris being dumped into the water, no further actions would be taken by the State.

The letter went on to say that no work could continue at Harborview Marina until July first of next year, allowing the current crop of spawning Kokanee to create another class of fry. Cautions were shared with Waterford Park, regarding upland management, and the potential of re-silting the shoreline.

We spoke with Idaho Fish and Game biologists, who said we are experiencing a very serious downturn in spawners in all areas of the lake, including Bayview.


stebbijo said...

I must say that the Idaho I remember is gone - really gone, fish and all.

When/we can afford it, I am going to take what's left of it (myself) and find it again. :-)

Merry Christmas Herb!

Anonymous said...

I just can't help but wonder if Mother Nature is trying to tell us something? Or am I the only one that hears her? Messing with her plans started long before anyone currently in Bayview. Could it be that that someone or persons have made previous errors?