Saturday, December 01, 2007

Bayview 1st annual Christmas Parade

A bunch of folks got together and decided to have a parade. Hey, if New York, or whatever they call that jungle can have one, why not Bayview. Inside of three days, it was put together. over seven vehicles and uncountable kids, dogs and maybe a parakeet or two ambled through town, visiting all the residential streets and finally coming to rest at the Captain's Wheel. Well, not exactly rest. Hot chocolate flowed for the kids, and um, other beverages for the adults.

The crowd, if one wants to call it that, was around five or six during the parade. When the parade halted at the 'Wheel, the room was suddenly packed. At least several ordinances were violated, as no parade permit was obtained, but then nobody knew who the organizer was anyway. Most vowed to check out the formal way to do this, for next year. I have posted one or two pictures, but most didn't turn out well. Taking pictures without flash after dark is an art form that I haven''t mastered yet.

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Anonymous said...

I guess we just figured if the developers in town don't have to have the proper permits to build or tear things in our town apart, we should'nt need one to have a Christmas Parade for our little community. Sorry Herb,and maybe next year you can play your banjo in the parade as our "1 man band". Anyway, it was fun for us, and we really just wanted to do something for the residents of Bayview who had no desire to go to the CDA Parade with Good Morning America.