Sunday, December 16, 2007

Moving Ahead

Jim Kershner. 1982-2007. May his column rest in peace. There have been several bombshells since Black Thursday, at the spokesman-Review. As the paper downsizes amid the reality of the decline in the interest in print media. Some rescues have taken place, not all in their former roles.

Tayrn Hecker, crime writer extraordinaire, Meghann Cuniff, general assignment and school reporter, Paula Davenport, Voices and The Handle Extra. We also lost a very talented young writer, in Jim Hagengruber, who has not been rehired. Taryn comes back as a natural resources writer, Meghann as the night desk reporter, and Paula, temporarily, at least, as receptionist.

Kershner's last humor column is in today's paper. In it, he writes,"This is by rough estimate, my 1351 column. It is also my last." I have personally thoroughly enjoy the subtle,(and sometimes not so subtle) humor that has entertained me, inspired me and kept me chuckling for many years. It isn't quite as bad as it sounds. After all, with all up to date information available, Kershner is not dead, and this is not an obituary, at least not for him, but it is for his award winning column. He, gasp, will be an objective humorless general assignment guy. Hopefully, they will let him off his leash once in a while.

To put a sock in it, as I'm sure by now you are thinking, no more moving ahead with progressive, nauseating words and phrases that tick him, as well as me off. Say goodbye to treatises on nose hair clippers. He's gone, but not forgotten.

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Maybe you should change the name of this blog to the Spokesmen Re Views.