Thursday, December 13, 2007

Copy Editor Screws The Pooch

Today's "Your Voice," featuring a column by yours truly, got screwed up at the copy desk. To clarify, the Captain's Wheel Restaurant's annual Christmas Party, Sunday, December 16, will feature the band, "Good N' Plenty." Special guest will be country music legend, Slim Dossey, making a rare appearance. Slim used to anchor the party every year, but advancing age and infirmities have slowed him way down. If you remember Slim from his hey day, be sure not to miss this cameo performance. He won't be with us forever, and in fact, probably will hang his guitar up soon, if not right after this gig.

The Burning Gods of Love, shown as the Christmas party band, actually will appear at the 'Wheel, Saturday, December 22. The mystery of the band's name comes from the drummer, Kevin Huff, striking sparks with the singer, and bass player, Daveanna Pleznac-Huff. Lead guitar and singing, features George Bruner.

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