Sunday, December 02, 2007

A lesson Learned

I have been toiling on this blog for, what? Almost three years. I have written about breaking news, Bayview style. I have pontificated on many subjects. Sometimes, I got a lot of action from readers, sometimes not. After all this time, I finally have come to the conclusion that, after last Wednesday, posting about the pretty and talented ladies in my presence, my page views went to 122 Wednesday and 117 Thursday.

I shudda known that a picture of two pretty and talented ladies trumped an informative and chatty blog. Hereafter, I will attempt to show only great ladies, that are both talented and very pretty, as my aforementioned guests were. However, I will NEVER conduct an interview with the previously mentioned talented ladies present. Taryn, I noticed, as I was throwing questions to the almost drowned subject, was busily writing notes. After the gentleman left, she proudly announced that she was going to scoop me. Well, she did. However, considering that I had done such to her in the past, I guess we are even. Oh, and did I mention that she is my favorite journalist?

Early next week, as Steve Smith has mentioned, some laid off reporters will be rehired. Apparently, the union contract stipulated such language, that they had to cut off those without sufficient seniority. Rehiring, however, as I understand it, is on merit and budget. While my young companion, Meghann is probably too junior to be asked back, who can possibly, after following Taryn's fantastic journey through the sickness of the Duncan Case find anyone on staff as talented as she.

The only thing that bothered me was the statement Steve made regarding the voices and the Handle Extra. I think his words were, "for the first time, we will fully staff both." I hope that it doesn't mean a hasty exit for me, as a lowly correspondent. If so, however, I will cherish the months that I have been allowed to grow, as a person, and even as late in life as I have arrived, my short career as a journalist.

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