Saturday, December 29, 2007

Food Bank Burglars Caught

Angela Wolfinjer age 38 and her Son,Dale Reah, age 19 were arrested by Kootenai County Sheriff officers, Friday Evening. They were charged with burglary, possession of stolen property and possession of large amounts of Meth. Well, it's too late for them to spend Christmas in jail like I wanted them to, but they are there with no bail, now.

According to a news release by the Sheriff's Department, they found over 40 items purchased at Fred Meyer by the use of the stolen gift cards. In addition to the burglary loot, they got a bonus in finding a large amount of Methamphetamine.

Police are looking further, not having recovered or accounted for many of the missing items, leading us to believe there were others involved.

During the last few days, the account of a scandal at the Idaho Police Academy, has dominated the news.The conversation on the Internet and National Television, has brought up the subject of misuse of police powers. Today, we celebrate the majority, the other kind of officers that are totally dedicated to protecting the public. If one could applaud over the Internet, I would at this time, do so.

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Bob said...

I'm thinking "Mom of the Year"!