Thursday, June 12, 2008

2008 Bayview Daze

It's almost that time of year again. We are in the middle of June, and in just three weeks, the sun will be beating down upon us while we watch 4th of July festivities. While there are great fireworks many places on the 4th, we need to remind you that in Bayview, we march to a different drummer. Bayview Daze does coincide with the 4th, but only kinda. The Bayview Chamber of commerce, realizing that to really party down, one has to limit their activities to week-ends. The calendar doesn't always cooperate. Last year the 4th was on a Wednesday. The simple formula in those cases is to use the nearest Saturday to the 4th as fireworks day. Next year, we will be just like everyone else. That is only because the 4th finally falls, as it should, on Saturday.

The moral of this story is this: Go out, enjoy yourselves anywhere on the 4th, then trek on down to Bayview, Saturday the 5th. We have a three day street fair. A parade Saturday Morning, at 11:00, (get here by 10 for parking) A lighted boat parade at 9:00 pm, Fireworks at 10:00. This year, even though the show has always been spectacular, the Chamber added a 50% increase in funding. This is probably one of the only local venues that regardless of the state of the woods around us, we are safe, insofar as the fireworks are always sent up over the lake, from a barge in the lake. Unlike Lake Coeur d'Alene, our pyrotechnicians haven't ever had to dive off because of an unplanned on board explosion.

In addition to the usual festivities, this year we are resuming the Queen contest. One that has been dormant for many years. Rather than the usual beauty contest, this one is open to ladies 8 to 80. Judging will be based on more practical things, like which contestant raises the most in fireworks donations. The only hard and fast rule in this contest, is that Ralph can't enter. Speaking of Ralph, call 683-2218 for details.

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