Thursday, June 05, 2008

The headline tday, that caught my eye, was the one that told of a teen caught counterfeiting in the boys room. Wondering how the head could possibly fit any scenario I could think of, I clicked on the "More" thingee.

Folks, this is entertainment you just can't get anywhere. This young man carted a color printer into a restroom because he was homeless and didn't have a way to plug it in. Cops caught him printing brand new ten dollar bills.

When asked why, he replied, I'm homeless and didn't have anywhere to plug it in. It turns out that he was only going to print $90 so he could buy some Pot. My thinking here, admittedly somewhat jaundiced, is that with this kind of thinking, given a little capital, this guy could be our next CEO of a fortune 500 company. This needs encouragement, not suppression.

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