Thursday, June 26, 2008

U.S. constitution Saved, Once More

In the argument over the right to bear arms, too many people got hung up on the part that says," in order to maintain a well ordered militia," or some such. During revolutionary days, and even through our civil war, militias were raised by villages and towns throughout the nation and enlisted by group with the officers being voted on or appointed by the locals.

It was believed during those turbulent years, that an invasion by a foreign entity could most effectively be repulsed by local people with the arms the founding fathers allowed as a basic right in our constitution.

This need was also felt to be a detriment to any internal threat as well. Too many people apply 21st century solutions to problems without researching the why of the matter. Many modern day historians suggest that forties Germany would not have lost their Jewish population if Germans met the gestapo at the door with a shotgun.

We have enough gun control laws already. It is against the law for any convicted felon to own a gun. It is a huge factor, if you are convicted of a crime in which a gun is used. Mental incompetents have been prohibited from owning or possessing guns. We can pile law after law after law on this issue, and even had the Supreme Court upheld the Washington D.C. law, the criminals would still find a way to have guns. Only when free law abiding citizens have the right, also, is the field leveled, giving potential victims some protection.

It is not lost on me, that many of today's liberals believe the constitution of the United States is outmoded and needs "radical" overhaul. This document, properly enforced, has produced in just a little over 200 years, the single most successful nation on earth, and did so without abridging an individuals liberties. Not everyone in this country is successful, but most have the ability to be so, should they removed themselves from the streets and just try.

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