Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Just Some Ranting

It would appear that after several years of chasing Osama , Republicans will now start chasing Obama. I sure hope that's where the similarity ends. We here in this country have enough problems what with 47 different positions on every issue. We certainly don't need suicide bombers, Kamikaze Pilots, or any other of the sick crap that passes for Islam.

Which brings me to the point. How, in this age of terrorists, are we going to be able to survive as a civilized nation, without being able to protect our borders. It isn't about Mexican farm labor. It's about anyone that believes we can catch terrorists that try to infiltrate our borders, if itinerant farmers and their wives and children can freely cross in large numbers. Hell, we can't even seal the borders of Iraq, or even Afghanistan, where the most dangerous borders are a few mountain passes.

In Afghanistan however, we could easily blow up the narrow passes into Pakistan, sealing off the border. The problem? political will. We are trying to create a Palestinian Nation, while protecting Israel's territorial integrity. Has anyone figured out how you can do that with the West Bank and Gaza separated by Israeli territory? Without geographically common borders, it's a joke. The best the do-gooders are going to be able to do is create two Palestinian Countries.

I'm not just griping about our present administration, but the past several. Where was Carter, or for that matter, Clinton. Did either of them say wait, this won't work? No. All of them are afraid to upset the Arab oil producers. Yes the oil producers, you know, the ones that after taking our money, want still more, then when they think we are on our knees, spend that money for weapons to destroy us.

If Armageddon is to be, I don't want it to happen while we are asleep at the switch. The liberals and environmentalists have tipped over so far, that no longer, or perhaps never, have they planned on unintended consequences. Can't drill for oil on the continental shelf. Can't drill in the Arctic. Can't build safe nuclear power plants. Why? Because since the sixties, nuclear, power has been held hostage by ban the bomb radicals that think bombs and power plants are one and the same.

Somehow, some way, we need to take our country back from extremists of all ilk and return to a practical existence. ... If we can find the way back.

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