Sunday, June 08, 2008

Stuff I'm Doing

I thought I would give everyone a break. By that, I mean I'm going to take a break from opinionating just this once. Why? Because I'm doing some exciting fun stuff now. Most of you know that I write a column for the Spokesman-Review. I've had a great time doing just that. Since about April of last year, I've written about 90 columns dealing with every thing from features to hard news when it happens in front of me. I have, and still do, enjoy the heck out of doing this, and hope to continue. Still, with budget cuts, every time I turn around, I'm being hit with budget crunches that threaten to cut back on what I have accomplished in the last year. I do not know where this is going, but I suspect it's the old "do more with less syndrome."

Very recently, I have jumped into a gig with my old pal, Kim Gittel, owner of Rusty's sports Bar in Hayden. Kim, concerned with the numbers of customers that enter his establishment, then drink more than is good for them, bought a Cadillac Stretch Limousine. The plan, is to ask customers to ride home free with our limo, leaving their cars at the bar. If you haven't guessed yet, I'm your driver. We have a further plan that will take a few weeks to break in. That is one that asks customers to call in, ask for a pickup time and day, then go pick them up, carry them to the bar and ... take them back home, absolutely free. Of course, you are expected to tip your driver, who is working for tips only. This service is only currently available Wednesdays (Karaoke night) Fridays and Saturday nights.

It seems to me, that this is a win-win deal. With Drunk Driving fines reaching into the four figure range, plus the license suspensions, not to mention the ten years or so of elevated insurance rates, chucking a twenty or even less to your driver is much the preferred solution. But the big plus, is that you won't hurt or kill someone going home from a night of revelry.

To call for a Limo, you can reach Rusty's at: 772-2400. Tell them when and where you wish to be picked up, give directions, then leave a call back number, so that your less than enlightened driver might call for directions, once he gets lost. Party On, my friends!


raymond pert said...

Two things:

1. Great idea and you are the perfect driver given all your taxi driving experience...and I'm sure many more good reasons exist that I know nothing about.

2. You wrote great stories about taxi driving. If good stories grow out of this job, I hope you'll write them. Those taxi stories were among my favorites in the HBO blogging neighborhood.

Good luck with this venture.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone there related to Heidi Gittel?

Anonymous said...

What a great service. You rock I hope people use this. What a kind thing to do. You are a blessing to our society. Maybe this will catch on to all bars!!!!! Way to go Herb.

Anonymous said...

What a great service you are doing for the patrons that frequent Rusty's. A great idea, and hopefully it will catch on to all the baes in town.