Thursday, June 05, 2008

Democracy Has Enemies, Some From Within

I, for one, am not sick of the political rhetoric. This, as cumbersome as it may be, is the sound of liberty. Sure,it tends to be repetitive, sure it stinks of empty slogans, people lie, prevaricate, enlarge, distort, but have you people looked at the paper lately?

Zimbabwe: The current ruler had his chief opponent arrested because he caused an unlawful gathering of anti-government adherents,this during an election campaign.

No matter where you go in this world, democracy is a minority. Only here, and a few other countries,can you freely state your views, then freely vote on those issues or candidates that you prefer. I get angry with those of you that smug in your attitudes and/or prejudices, can't look beyond your political views, to see the humanity and the enlightened country we live in.

A country that allows even those that are around the bend, so to speak, to still make their points. I love this country, right wrong, and sometimes, just confused.

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