Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cops can be helpful, Too

Sometimes, when you call a cop it’s not to report a crime. In a case most recently, it was for help. This intrepid reporter received a call for assistance from two widely respected members of the community. Bob and Suzanne Rickel, retired farmers started getting pesky notices in the mail from someone claiming to be New York City. They stated that a jeep was illegally parked in the City October 28, 2007, registered to the Rickels. We followed our own advise, and called a cop.

The Rickels in fact do own a jeep. It’s a 1954 model that has been in storage for over ten years, then transported to Suzanne’s brother by trailer to Seattle. The plates, supposedly Idaho number 9875, still reside here in Bayview at the Rickel residence. Enter Captain Ben Wolfinger of the Kootenai county Sheriff Department. We requested his assistance. Captain Wolfinger ran the plate and verified it is the number registered to the Rickels. By the time Wolfinger got involved, the notices had got nastier and more frequent, ending in a default judgement of $107.38.

After determining the facts, Captain Wolfinger graciously mailed a letter to New York City explaining that one, the Rickels had never been in New York City, nor were they likely to go there in the future. Two, the car in question was not white, as the parking ticket revealed, but dark green. The third and we hope the deciding factor, is that the car in question is 54 years old and while restored, isn’t capable of such a journey. One can only hope that the largest bureaucracy in today’s world will understand. If not, Captain Wolfinger does not anticipate his cooperation in an attempt to extradite the alleged offenders.

Many of you have been following the trials and tribulations of little Amber Newton, terribly burned last January. Since then, she has been in and out of hospitals. Several fund raising events have been held. Bayview has a woman that just can’t stay away from someone that needs help. Terry Shepherd, owner of Terry’s Café decided to do something about it. She started a raffle, then invited the community to a burger BBQ with all funds to go toward the Newton’s Sunday was the big day. Some peripheral fund raising is still out there, but from the raffle itself, over $1400 was collected. At deadline, there were still funds outstanding and more information to be gathered. We will report back next week on that progress. We did learn that there is an account set up at the Rathdrum branch of the Panhandle State Bank in the name of Amber Newton for those that wish to contribute.

Summer is heading into high gear with events happening all over the place. Post 149 Athol American legion is holding a charity poker run for both bikes and four wheelers June 28. The route for the bikers is from the Pastime in Athol then The Bonners Ferry Legion post, Popeye’s in Priest River, Curley’s in Hauser, The Captain’s wheel in Bayview then back to the legion in Athol. Contact the Legion at 683-2614 for details.

Saturday night features the Riverside Band at the Captain’s wheel along with some great food. Bayview Daze is just around the corner with the key day being July 5. A street fair will be set up for all three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, followed by A street parade Saturday and a brand new fireworks display Saturday the 5th. A boat parade will lead off at dusk, followed by the fireworks. This year, a 50% increase in funds were voted by the Bayview Chamber of commerce. Visitors are urged to donate when they come out to enjoy the festivities. This entire show is paid for by voluntary donations. The first queen will be crowned in over 20 years Sunday at noon at Ralph’s coffee shop. A special Bayview Daze treat is in store for Saturday night revelers. Too slim and the Tail Draggers will appear on the main stage, with the Bells handling the daytime duties on the lawn outside. We have leaned that Too slim has moved out of the shadow of Spokane/Coeur d'Alene, where they were immensely popular back in the early 90's, to a national stage, and seldom play small gigs like this. It may be the only chance to ever see them again.

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MarmiteToasty said...

When I read your blob overflowing with information and things going on near where you live, it almost seems like Im transported right into the thick of it all.... there always seems to be so much going on in your neck of the woods......

you so make me smile....