Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin 1937-2008

There are special people that leave us every day. Some of them are better known than others. George Carlin was such a man. Many think he was the guy that created the "naughty breakthrough." He certainly did that, but he did much more.

This man was the world's best at cutting through the bullshit. He could take a human condition, look at it, and reduce it to it's basics. Carlin would be more famous for pointing out the "forbidden words," that couldn't be mentioned on television. When he did that, he opened up the hypocrisy of a society that used these forbidden words everyday on the streets and in the offices of the nation, but could not be admitted to on TV. Kind of like Lucy and Dezi sleeping in twin beds, because to suggest that married people slept together was suggestive.

George Carlin was the master of the ridicule and pointed it at the absurdities of the system in entertainment. He was the boss. A verbal magician. You either liked him or hated him. That, I believe was because he made you look into yourself. Sometimes people didn't like what they found there. The one thought, as I end this tribute, is that without George Carlin, UBob wouldn't have had a vocabulary.

I will miss this giant of a man, and a man that was funny just because he was real.


raymond pert said...

Your cogent tribute to Carlin's genius and impact is right on the mark. It's as good as anything I've read in the aftermath of his death.

Bay Views said...

Gosh, I didn't know I was cogent. ... Is it catching?