Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The great news today is that after 10 months of closure, new owners are opening the convenience store that has been closed . The great recession killed the business that served Bayview so many successful years.

This coming weekend should find the store open. If not, certainly Monday will find them in fine shape. It will be a soft opening, as all of the stock is being imputed to the computer system that controls  inventory.

Beer and wine deliveries are on going with the weekend in mind. Marie Streater has in spite of back problems,  and a  former manager, agreed to launch the store. Her expertise in inventory control is irreplaceable.

If any of us resented the small up pricing in the old days, I'd wager  attitudes will change as the reality without a store in town has severely impacted not only life style of the locals, but took a huge bite out of tourism. 

This town is dead without the Merc.

 In other news, There will be a pancake breakfast July 4 with blueberries and strawberries, topped by whipped cream, with sausage on the side. Donations in my opinion are necessary to keep community programs like this going. My mouth is watering already.

Y'all come on down. is a good place to find a larger diagram of the parade route. Don't forget the lighted boat parade July 5.

"Yup! There will be a boat parade in the Scenic Bay harbor just prior to the fireworks display. Boats will rendezvous on the north side of the bay just west of the slide behind the Lloyd’s green 21’ Custom Weld aluminum boat with the tan canvas top at dusk. The boats will parade along the shore toward the west passing the marinas close aboard on starboard. Please join us. And please decorate your boat and make it awesome."


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