Thursday, June 19, 2014


Wednesday, I wrote a half serious half spoof post to explore whether there was sentiment for a third party. What I didn't anticipate, was that everyone rushed to Google, trying hard to discredit Teddy Roosevelt, or me, take your pick.

Immediately, Teddy Roosevelt's platform was introduced along with some snarky comments as to whether I was or was not in favor of a particular policy in 1912. Folks, you can call it the Shuckin' Corn party if you want. Ya missed the point entirely. 

Essentially, what I did was ask what time it was and immediately, everyone started building a watch. I don't know whether these people are humor impaired, of just plain old nit pickers.

I had hoped to start a discussion about the likelihood of a third party. Maybe they would just rather scrap with each other. Never have I experienced such a dense audience. Sometime you might consider looking at the big picture instead of using a microscope to find fault.

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