Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Before even medical and psychiatric exams have been completed, CNN is beating the drums for desertion. Countless interviews with those he served with and others in the command structure all point at guilty before proven innocent.

While there doesn't seem to be any disagreement with some of the basic facts, yes he did walk away from his encampment after his shift on guard duty ended. The why is the dominant question. Or should be. If he flipped out and became mentally unstable, he certainly wouldn't be a deserter, nor would he be the first in that theater to go bonkers. Suicides have been rampant, as well as other manifestations of out of balance behavior.

Until these issues are explored and become known, inciting to riot is not news, nor is it even faintly fair. His return home has been thoroughly poisoned without having heard his side of the story. To me, and I am a veteran, his story is of a mentally ill person who tanked mentally under the constant pressure of insurgent combat. To have to face the enemy without military uniforms or any other way of identifying them until they pull out a weapon has been catastrophic to many others in the war against essentially everyone. 

We ought to hold CNN to a higher standard than this display of mob rule and conviction in the media.

ps: The heckler that has been wasting a good deal of time on me has been blocked as spam.

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