Wednesday, June 18, 2014


With the disintegration of the Idaho Republican Party, several things occurred to me. One, with the state of the party, I was very lucky in losing my election to precinct committeeman last month. To have been in the minority in this, a Wacko dominated state, suggests one of two things. Most of us would not become democrats. After all, we do have standards. But perhaps it also applies to continued participation in the Idaho Republican Party.

The debacle in Moscow has demonstrated that the uber-right wing in our area would rather have power than a winning ticket. This aberration of intent pretty much destroys the philosophical glue that has served the party well for many years.

This isn't to say we haven't had party splits in the past. But it's usually the far right that takes a walk come election day. Is it possible that reasonable republicans might do the same? With the left turning further to the left, and the right the other direction, we have, through voter apathy left a huge middle without a home.

How about we resurrect the Bull Moose Party. We certainly have many moose to serve as mascots, and a home for the vast majority of Idahoans would perhaps triumph in general elections, while the Wackos on the left and right continue to preach to the choir in their insulation.

Looking to the left, any disagreement with Obama is either partisan politics, or racist. None of the administration's missteps are owned. The right, sits in enclaves, telling each other that they are the new saviors and will bring back the good years. You know, those years that we toted gold coins around for currency, not realizing that with the price of gold today, you would be hard pressed to find a coin in your pocket. Then there is international trade. Or maybe the Wackos return us to the glory days of canning summer vegetables because none are available from other counties that do not deal in gold. Actually, no nation today still uses the gold standard.

Then there is that pesky 17th amendment to our constitution that if repealed would allow the state legislature to elect senators. That used to be the case until transportation and communications improved in our fledgling country and that idea became obsolete. The term Statesman evolved from the first 125 yearsof our country when the population did not have the right to elect through popular vote, our senators.

I have been a Republican, and voted on national issues Republican for the last 50 years, starting in 1964 when I voted for Barry Goldwater. Now I apparently am homeless.

So here we are, with all but 10% left wing Democrats and 10% right wing Trogolytes, leaving the other 80% with no philosophical home. Comes back the Bull Moose Party to rescue the majority. You think?  

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