Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Perhaps the only person outside of the candidates themselves that enjoy this time of year, three weeks before the midterm elections would have to be Dave Oliveria of the Spokesman-Review Huckleberries on line.

As the moderator of a popular blog, the extra activity is like honey to a bee. For me, it is a decision making time. Do I vote for the candidates that my opposition in the precinct committeeman's party represents, thence rewarding the smear tactics by an ultra-conservative, aka Wacko? The one whose wife called a friend of mine and I assume others as well, to inform them that I was the town drunk and an ultra liberal. Well since 1964, when I voted for Barry Goldwater, I have voted straight ticket in national elections.

As far as the town drunk, one wag said to me, "you aren't even in the top 100, Herb." Well no I'm not. Many years ago I indeed was a party animal. Not so in recent times. Three beers when I choose to visit one of the local watering holes is my limit. I go because I live alone and want conversation with others from time to time. After discovering that I was defeated by a church congregation, I was stunned. Either it was a church full of extremists or my opponent lied to them as they did to others. I chose the bar vs. an organization that preaches hate and distorts truth.

Currently, I'm glad that I didn't win and have to support a bunch of,"return to the gold standard, repeal the 17th amendment to the U.S. Constitution which granted the direct election of U.S.Senators."

FYI no country anywhere in the world is on the gold standard any more and haven't been for a very long time. Virtually ll international trade would not survive the computer era where money changes hands with an electronic click.

As far as the 17th amendment, it is obvious to me that the far right trusts their control of the state legislature more than the people of Idaho.

While I will still vote GOP in the national offices, I probably won't in all local elections. You see, sometimes where a entrenched candidate that doesn't represent your point of view holds office and controls the primary as an incumbent, it is better to vote Democrat and defer the battle to the next election cycle where your own parties candidate is no longer an incumbent.

These decisions will keep me in the voter's booth much longer than the past, where choices will be decided at the last minute.I invite those alternative candidates that will run in the 2nd district to give me a call with the prupose of discussing ideas, not personalities.

We have become a state controlled by Libertarians and Constitutionalists that act like there are smoking Colorado and Washington  substances. Those that preach only to the Choir, and whose feet seldom touch the ground of reality have sonveeted us not to the most conservative state in the union, because that prostitutes the meaning of conservative. What we now have is a state that is out of step with the electorate and an electorate that doesn't give a damn.

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