Friday, October 17, 2014


It has for a very long time been a theory that when epidemics get out of control Heath care nurses and doctors will flee to protect their own families. When/if that happens, then staying at home with no outside contacts will be the only way it will end, just as Bubonic Plague did.

Recently, nurses from the Texas hospital threatened to walk out. It wasn't by accident that both patients were transferred to another hospital in the east.  It this thing gets out of control that most likely will happen all over.

Our government, including the CDC is fiddling while our future burns, as they have done on a wealth of other issues. Obama's refusal to Quarantine flights and passengers from the affected African countries is just political correctness gone berserk. The idea of prohibiting black nations the right to travel to our country is more important to the liberal camp than saving American lives.

It must be noted, that bringing in dogs from other nations without a certificate of vacination creates an immediate quarintine, suggesting that saving dogs from infection is more important than humans.

As in Ukraine, Syria and Iraq, when events overtake policy, it will be too late. A pandemic of this magnitude will send our civilization back 100 years. Just think how long grocery stores will stand in there while sick people enter their stores. Picture mass desertions from those public and retail places. Food distribution and even raising the crops and food animals will cease. Ebola kills 70% of the infected. Starvation kills 100%.

I remember adults running in the streets panicked at the sight of a weather balloon during WW11, thinking they were Japanese bombs carried by the wind as one submarine attack on the Oregon coast had actually occurred. Panic over imagined danger is hugely less than a known harbinger of death such as Bubonic Plague and Ebola. That Ebola currently doesn't spread by air does not mean it won't morph into different ways in the future. Then check out the two infected nurses who by all accounts did everything right and still caught Ebola. It may already be airborne in it's most severe stages, which are when the patient is in the hospital.

Our laggard president doesn't have to kill off thousands of Americans to prove he is the worst president in our history. We already knew that. We must overwhelmingly insist he take the proper action and quarantine the areas where the disease is already out of control.

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