Sunday, October 12, 2014


My history of money managing is not a good one. My first mistake was becoming a salesman what with the ups and downs inherent with that occupation.

My first serious venture was when I was in the Mortgage lending business. Back when it had rules and quantifying standards. In 1986, during the refinancing boom, I sold my stock that I had paid $500.00 for, in  1964, in1986 for $30,000. Not bad, right? then I cashed in the $15,000 I had accrued in my 401k at Seafirst Bank.

Bank of America had bought out Seafirst and crowded out the trained loan officers of which I was one. Easy street, right? In everyone's life there is a turning point. A place where you make decisions tha affect the rest of your life.

My friend and I decided to form our own mortgage brokerage. Signing a three year lease on a fancy office, I had it made. Uh-oh, the Spring of 1987, was a financial disaster. Later I learned that it was a full blown recession, which followed  the recovery of 1984-86.

Disaster struck and I was once again broke. I moved to North Idaho in the summer of 1989, a failure in the money game. Flashing to the present, I once again screwed up.

What with Washington and Colorado legalizing pot, weed, Ganj, I should have immediately bought stock in KFC.I didn't. With pot smokers everywhere on Marijuana I didn't realize the massive food trips many would experience. KFC stockholders  are winning big, and here I sit, broke once again. I guess I just wasn't cut out to be an investor.


theothersideofbayview said...

Herb check your dates, not jibeing.

You would be better off investing in the equipment needed to run pot growing facilities such as light fixtures. Also invest in the market in Colorado.

Norma Jean

Bay Views said...

Thanks, NJ. corrected to 1984-85