Monday, October 06, 2014


I'm about to divulge one of the inland northwest's best kept secrets. Living and recreating in Bayview is unparalleled, with the lake's only sheltered bay, mountains and quiet life.

This wasn't always true. Bayview was previously noted for sailboats and fishing. Seasonal boat slips were full every summer. While some fished for trophy Trout, others trolled dead slow, a give away that they were after smaller but tastier Kokanee, locally known as Blueback.

Two separate events slammed into the quaint village of Bayview. First, several marina owners wanted out. It was time to retire. Then along came Bob Holland, a developer on steroids. He promptly gobbled up Bayview Marina, Boileau's Resort and Vista Bay.

The resulting Great Recession killed that off, except he left a legacy of rebuilt and improved marinas before he crashed.The business's were in the tank. The recession killed off construction which many local residents toiled in. The only general store in eight miles, Bayview Mercantile closed it's doors.
But about ten years ago, with Kokanee against the wall with the possibility of extinction, Idaho Fish &  Game shut down the fishery and put a bounty on Rainbow Trout and Mackinaw sometimes known as Lake Trout. Ten years went by. Millions of Kokanee now swarm the lake as Idaho Fish & Game opened up what had been closed. A fifteen fish limit now applies.

Regardless of the business failures, Fishing terminated and the recession fading away, Bayview is back. New owners of the Bayview Mercantile, revitalized marinas, and fish on! Is the wonderful sound of today. The fish are getting a free pass as the best fishing of the year sees very few harvested. The Patio is flourishing since new operators arrived.

Bayview is quiet now as the Summer people scatter to their homes elsewhere and we permanent residents revel in the peace and tranquility of the off season. Today the loudest sound that can be heard is the fish swimming by. Many boat slips are still available, at least until the word gets out.

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