Friday, October 31, 2014


It seems to me to be a double standard where the president is dragging his political feet on the Canadian application for a pipeline from the shale oil fields, while his constituents, if in fact there are any, scream daily  about oil trains transiting Spokane. Duh, this seems quite simple. Build the freakin' pipeline and reduce oil trains.

The price of gasoline has precipitously dropped in the last month or two. Supply and demand rules. Putting a plug in the system at the well heads is counter-productive to say the least. Unfortunately, if another serious accident occurs, the president will ignore his role in making oil transportation safe and blame it on everyone else, which come to think about it, is his MO.

It would serve us right if Canada went ahead with plans to build a pipeline to the British Columbia coast. Their own version of the Sierra Club seems to hear the wake-up call and is protesting this plan. If in fact they do build, all of their oil will ship to China, at our expense.

Another possibility is building a refinery in Calgary to separate components such as diesel, gasoline, propane, etc. and shipping the finished product.

Bottom line, stupidity should not be the rule. Build that pipeline!

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