Thursday, October 30, 2014


I lost the internet the 21st. I had Time Warner trouble shoot the system and they said it wasn't them and suggested I call Microsoft and gabe me a number that actually got a person. After explaining that immediately after losing my ability to bet on lin, I recieved two calls about fout days apart, offering to fix my computer. (In broken English)

The Microsoft confirmed what I had already suspected. I was scammed. They insert a virus then for $200 they will send someone out to fix it. Microsoft wanted $99.00 ro do the same, but at least they weren't a part of the attempt at holding my computer for ransom.

I considered the second offer, but not the first. I am skeptical of coincidents.

Finally, I went back to the control panel and deleted all programs that were downloaded October 21. Bingo. I'm up again creating chaos and chagrin.

I figured the public could do without my blog for a while, but I had to be able to access the election returns. I'm back in congtrol again. Oh happy day!

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