Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I am going to retire from the comment section of Huckleberries until after the election. From the left, I get snarky exaggerated and deliberate crap. They hate me because of my Republican connection. Some have even told outright lies about me which astounded me since I don't think I will influence them or they, me.

On the other hand, the Rally Right Wackos hate me because they truly believe that I am an ultra liberal which goes to show that preaching only to the choir limits the ability to learn.

So here I have the mouthy lefties and thank god the whackos that do not find me a danger to them, ergo they stay quiet. I'm right in the middle which tends to make one a fine target.

Most of the gibberish that shows up in comments this and other election seasons is just that. Faintly disguised anger rules their world. About one out of every 500 or so comments is actually objective. I see no reason to provide these types with free entertainment, since to many of the,m I have no knowledge about anything worth while anyway.

As for my votes this fall I think I would surprise both extremes with my choices.

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