Friday, October 31, 2014


As I waded through this morning's S/R I reflected upon the similarities between nasty lies, half truths and outright statistics.

The juvenile behavior of most of the candidates is shameful, and those that vote for the worst offenders are equally shamed. There was in the true test of a good story, scandalous "If it bleeds it leads," type stories, none of which were either entertaining, informative or objective.

The respected Boise political writer, Betsy Russell, normally objective, leaped out of her image to actively campaign against Ybarra in the Superintendent of Education race. Ybarra is a bit of a loose cannon with her innocence showing. Wow! What a contrast to the viperous candidates in other races.

Betsy, let us think for ourselves. Go back to what you do best. Objective reporting and quit the campaign of her rival.

This next four days will see a week-end of frivolity in costume, followed by a tense two days of shouting insults lies and statistics at us besieged readers. Personally, I'll take the witches over all of the candidates combined.

Not to forget, the Captain's Wheel in Bayview, is reviving a long tradition of Halloween parties, Saturday night. Dress as a Ghoul, of come as you are. It's Party time. Live music, too.

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